As an independent, nonprofit foundation, The Colorado Trust files a Form 990-PF federal tax return each year. This tax return includes such financial data as the fair market value of all assets, an analysis of revenue and expenses and a complete listing of grants paid.

It is important to note that certain expenses, such as those related to evaluation and communications, are integrally related to The Trust's grantmaking. These expenses are considered part of total grants made. This is often unclear to readers of the Form 990-PF, as many related grant expenses are categorized under "Operating and Administrative Expenses" (Part I, line 24) separately from all other grantmaking expenses, which are listed under "Contributions, Gifts, Grants Paid" (Part I, line 25). As a strategic grantmaking foundation, the staff of The Colorado Trust is extensively involved in developing, monitoring and disseminating the results of grant-funded work. Classification of these expenses as Operating and Administrative on the Form 990-PF does not reflect the true nature of these expenses.

We post our annual tax return to our website soon after it is filed with the IRS each year. Please click on the links below to view our most recent tax returns.

For more information, contact danielle [at] (Danielle Shoots), vice president & chief financial officer, at (303) 837-1200.