A committee of the Board of Trustees oversees The Trust's investments with the goal of maintaining or increasing the real value of the investments in perpetuity to serve the needs of the people of Colorado today and into the future.

The Colorado Trust's assets grew to over $454 million as of December 31, 2013. Net assets increased by $43.7 million primarily due to strong returns on investments. Overall, The Trust recognized nearly $55.4 million in returns net of fees, or over 13.4 percent.

The Trust provided over $13.9 million for charitable expenditures in fiscal year 2013. Since its inception in 1985, through 2013, The Colorado Trust has provided $466 million in charitable support to grantees across Colorado.

2012 Total Charitable Expenditures

The following links provide additional information about The Colorado Trust's assets, grantmaking and tax reporting: