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April 2020
Toward Health Equity in Colorado: Leveraging Collective Capacity for Health Equity Advocacy Field Building

This evaluation brief describes key field-building strategies, progress and learnings from work carried out by the Health Equity Advocacy Cohort from 2017 through 2019.

April 2020
The Colorado Trust 2019 Year in Review

The 2019 Year in Review looks at milestones and progress in our work to advance the health and well-being of all Coloradans. An expanding Community Partnerships strategy supported people building power in communities like Pueblo, Saguache, Sheridan and Yuma. A cohort of 18 advocacy nonprofits saw legislative advocacy success and increased their cohesion and capacity as a field. And the first graduating class of Community Leaders in Health Equity celebrated completing an in-depth program that raises awareness about systemic oppression and its impacts on well-being.

February 2020
Landscape Assessment of Community Organizing in Colorado

This landscape assessment provides information on where organizing is taking place across the state, who is being organized and around what issues. Characteristics of groups and organizations engaged in community organizing are shared, as well as information on tactics and strategies used and leadership and governance structures. It also highlights the perspectives and expressed needs of community organizers across Colorado, as well as their successes and challenges in doing this work.

December 2019
Shifting the Paradigm in Colorado: The Health Equity Advocacy Journey

This learning paper tells the story of how 18 direct service, community organizing and policy advocacy organizations experimented with ways to align their health equity advocacy efforts and take collective action. It provides some of the tools that the Cohort developed to invite the involvement of individuals and organizations with various levels of advocacy capacity. Lastly, it shares lessons for others interested in collective equity-focused advocacy.

April 2019
2018 Year in Review
The 2018 Year in Review features news and progress updates for The Colorado Trust’s work to achieve health equity for all Coloradans. Among the highlights: eight resident teams implemented health equity plans as part of the Community Partnerships strategy; the Health Equity Advocacy grantees selected housing and food security as collective policy areas, and expanded their network partners statewide; and an intensive 18-month curriculum on health equity education and issue awareness got underway within a subset of Health Equity Learning Series grantees.
January 2019
Centering Race in Health Equity Advocacy: Lessons Learned

This paper discusses the decision to center race in the Health Equity Advocacy strategy; describes the framework and strategies used to build racial equity capacity at the individual, organizational and field levels; and presents results on the progress that has been made at each of these levels. It also includes recommendations for others who may be interested in centering race in social change efforts.

March 2018
2017 Year in Review

The Colorado Trust’s 2017 Year in Review provides progress updates for the foundation’s core funding areas. The 18 Health Equity Advocacy grantees refined their collaboration to focus on racial equity; the first resident teams in the Community Partnerships effort moved closer to creating health equity implementation plans; and The Trust announced the creation of a new, second track for Health Equity Learning Series grantees.

November 2017
State of the Field: Findings from a Scan of Colorado's Emerging Health Equity Advocacy Field

Based on surveys and interviews, this field scan report describes the composition of the health equity advocacy field in Colorado; examines connections within the field; discusses the current state of the field; and offers considerations and reflections for the continued growth of the field.

August 2017
Phase 1 report: Toward Health Equity in Colorado: Building Foundations for Change

This report discusses the co-creation of the Health Equity Advocacy (HEA) strategy by 34 organizations and staff of The Colorado Trust. Together, these parties unpacked assumptions behind the grantee-driven approach of the HEA strategy, built relationships across diverse stakeholders, identified what capacities and skills need to be developed to strengthen health equity advocacy work, and considered how best to improve coordination and collaboration to advance shared health equity goals.

July 2017
Phase 2 report: Toward Health Equity in Colorado: Progress and Lessons Learned in Health Equity Advocacy Field Building

Over a two-year period (2015-16), 18 direct service, community organizing and policy advocacy organizations worked together as a cohort to lay the foundation for a health equity advocacy field in Colorado. This report highlights key accomplishments by these organizations in domains of capacity building, alignment and coordination, community engagement and power sharing, and vision setting. It also discusses lessons learned and shares reflections by Health Equity Advocacy cohort organizations on future field-building work.


An interactive, searchable database of all of The Trust’s publications from its 30 years of serving Coloradans.