Health<br>Policy & Advocacy
2019 to 2024

In order for Coloradans in every community to thrive, all people must have a voice in the decisions that influence their well-being—especially people who have historically been marginalized or left out of such decisions. The Colorado Trust’s most recent advocacy funding strategy, Building and Bridging Power (BBP), aims to strengthen an organizing infrastructure and advocacy environment so that impacted community members are able to advance policy solutions addressing their most pressing issues at the local, regional and/or state levels.

The BBP strategy provides general operating funding, supplemental capacity building and technical assistance resources, and responsive advocacy funding to 23 grassroots* and grasstops** organizations across the state that are committed to ensuring the voices of impacted community members are centered in the policy process.

For more information, please consult this information document. Grant contact: noelle [at] (Noelle Dorward), senior advocacy and policy partner, (303) 837-1200.

*Grassroots organizations are led by people closest to the issues. They develop programs and policy by and with their communities.
**Grasstops organizations work directly with policy and decision makers to change local, regional or state policy.

The BBP evaluation will focus on understanding how power is built and bridged as a result of efforts supported in the strategy. Grassroots and grasstops grantees will contribute to the development of measures of success and actively participate in learning and reflection activities.

Through the evaluation, we hope to learn:

  • How power is built among impacted community members to advance policy solutions. What activities deepen or catalyze relationship building, advocacy and policy change?
  • How power can be bridged between impacted communities, grassroots organizations and grasstops organizations so that community voices can lead the development and implementation of policy at all levels. What is needed to shift the infrastructure through which policy is created and implemented, to better accommodate advocacy by (and long-term engagement of) community members?

Evaluation contact: felisa [at] (Felisa Gonzales, PhD, MPH), evaluation & learning manager, (303) 539-3110.

GRANT AMOUNT: $14,520,000