Health<br>Policy & Advocacy
2019 to 2024

The Community Partnerships strategy is the cornerstone funding strategy of The Trust. Through this multi-year strategy, The Trust partners with community resident teams across the state to build resident power—particularly the power of people who have historically been excluded and are directly impacted by health inequities. One of the key tactics to addressing and undoing inequities and building power in communities is advocacy and policy change. Organization-level partners conducting systems-level change work, as well as maintaining robust policy and advocacy and organizing infrastructures, are important and necessary in the work to eliminate inequities.

The Trust recognizes that Colorado has a rich history of organizing and movement building on a variety of issues, and also understands there is a timely, urgent opportunity to provide resources to strengthen and grow organizing infrastructure towards equitable outcomes in rural and urban communities. Similarly, there are strong policy and advocacy networks in the state, as well as opportunity to increase community-driven solutions at the local, regional and state levels, and support connections between rural communities and Denver metro-based and/or statewide policy organizations. Finally, The Trust understands that the stories we tell ourselves and each other about why health inequities exist are deeply embedded in historical and current context and lived experiences. The Trust believes stories and narrative are powerful allies of advocacy work and policy change, and we see an opportunity to support organizations who are interested in strengthening their communications and messaging capacity to affect policy and advocacy efforts. In addition, The Trust will be releasing a RFP in late 2019 to commission a study to better understand the role journalism can have in telling stories about inequities.

In The Trust’s latest advocacy investment, we are supporting the work of organizing people in communities experiencing the most inequities, and building policy infrastructure with and between grassroots* and grasstops** organizations. Over time, we anticipate supporting the building and bridging of relationships and power between grassroots and grasstops organizations, along with communities we work with through the Community Partnerships strategy. The timeline for the RFA for this advocacy investment is still being built out, and we will inform the philanthropic and nonprofit communities of the application process in the weeks to come.

Grassroots organizations are led by people closest to the issues. They develop programs and policies by and with their communities.
** Grasstops organizations work directly with policy and decision makers to change local, regional or state policy.

GRANT AMOUNT: $14,520,000