Health<br>Policy & Advocacy
2019 to 2024

In The Trust’s latest advocacy investment, we are supporting the work of organizing people in communities experiencing the most inequities, and building policy infrastructure with and between grassroots* and grasstops** organizations. Over time, we anticipate supporting the building and bridging of relationships and power between grassroots and grasstops organizations, along with communities we work with through the Community Partnerships strategy. For more information, please consult the information document or frequently asked questions, or contact Noelle Dorward, Colorado Trust advocacy and policy partner, via noelle [at] (email) or (303) 539-3134.


The Trust will contract with an evaluator with expertise in evaluation of capacity building, community organizing, and policy and advocacy efforts; a strong learning orientation; and a commitment to equitable evaluation practices, to design and implement an evaluation and learning approach for the Building and Bridging Power strategy. The application deadline for the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) closed on January 10. Materials relevant to this process are below.

For questions about the RFQ, please contact Felisa Gonzales, Colorado Trust evaluation and learning manager, via Felisa [at] (subject: Building%20%26%20Bridging%20Power%20Evaluation%20RFQ) (email) or call (303) 539-3110.

*Grassroots organizations are led by people closest to the issues. They develop programs and policies by and with their communities.
** Grasstops organizations work directly with policy and decision makers to change local, regional or state policy.

GRANT AMOUNT: $14,520,000