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Digital Organizing Resources

Building & Bridging Power

Based on needs expressed by our Building and Bridging Power partners, The Colorado Trust partnered with researchers from the Research Hub for Youth Organizing at the University of Colorado Boulder to produce a suite of resources highlighting best practices for digital organizing. Digital organizing is defined as the practices and strategies used by grassroots and community organizing groups that employ digital tools to engage, organize and build political power online.

These resources, available for download below, are intended to be easily accessible and provide guidance for digital organizing efforts. Nine separate documents comprise the suite, two of which are most substantive and likely of most interest. The “Digital Organizing: It’s all about the apps” document introduces the social media, communication and work delivery apps often used by community organizers in their digital organizing work and discusses considerations for their use with specific audiences. The “Digital Organizing: Strategies” document presents three strategies for using digital apps to build power and three strategies for digital apps to enhance organizational capacity.

We invite you to download these free resources in hopes that they will support and enhance your digital organizing efforts to build power in your communities and sustainability in your organizations. For more information on the Building and Bridging Power strategy or this suite of resources, please contact Johanna Ulloa Girón advocacy program manager at The Colorado Trust.

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