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Health Equity Advocacy


The Colorado Trust believes advocacy for policy change is a cornerstone to achieving health equity. Health Equity Advocacy (HEA) was a multi-year funding strategy with the goal to build a strong and diverse field of health equity advocates in the state. This strategy was informed by the belief that building a strong field of advocates—rather than merely strong, individual advocacy organizations operating in isolation—would lead to greater sustainability and to advocates’ ability to successfully respond to a changing political climate.

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A Better Future for Colorado's Communities


Johanna Ulloa Girón

Advocacy Program Manager

Felisa Gonzales, PhD, MPH

Evaluation & Learning Manager

Evaluation Findings

SPR conducted an independent evaluation of the HEA strategy. The evaluation documented and assessed the progress made toward the creation of a robust health advocacy field; identified challenges, opportunities and lessons learned to support further progress; and provided ongoing learning opportunities for grantees as a means to reflect on and refine activities, tactics and strategies.

Webinar recordings:

Evaluation contact: Felisa Gonzales, PhD, MPH, evaluation & learning manager, (303)539-3110.

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