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Health Equity Advocacy

The strategy was comprised of a partnership of 18 direct service, community organizing and policy advocacy grantees; Social Policy Research Associates (SPR), an evaluation firm; and The Colorado Trust. Referred to as the HEA “Cohort,” this partnership worked to build and nurture a strong field of organizations that could advocate together to impact policy decisions to improve health equity in Colorado for years to come. Cohort members collaborated on decisions related to which policy topics to address, capacities to build and strengthen the partnership, communications activities to undertake, how to assure engagement of affected populations in their advocacy effort and how strategy funds would be used. Download any of the resources below to learn more.

Grant contact: Johanna Ulloa Girón, advocacy program manager, (303) 837-1200.

Network partners
The HEA Cohort provided “network strengthening grants” to partner organizations in 2018-19 as part of the Cohort’s strategy to build a cohesive field of advocates. Cohort members were responsible for selecting their partners, working with their network partner to determine the scope of work, and ensuring that they connected to the field-building framework. The Trust acted as a thought partner in implementing the strategy and administering the grants. During this phase of the HEA strategy, $1,020,000 was allocated for grants to network partners. Click here for more information and a complete list of HEA network strengthening grants.

Watch the videos below to learn how the HEA strategy has informed the work of select grantee organizations.

Seeding a Health Equity Advocacy Field

SPR created individual case studies of each of the HEA Cohort organizations, highlighting the work they accomplished both individually and collectively in phase 2 of the strategy, in 2015-16.

CIRCLE Biblioteca

This is an external resource library created in collaboration with the HEA Cohort

HEA Summit Series

A four-month series of interactive training, discussions and presentations with national and Colorado-based leaders that took place August to December 2020.

Housing and Food Insecurity Challenges in Colorado

The Health Equity Advocacy Cohort hosted a series of webinars in February 2020 about advocacy efforts to address housing and food insecurity challenges in Colorado.

Learn about the health equity issues affecting Coloradans at Collective Colorado, a publication of The Colorado Trust.