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The Colorado Trust Grants $1.36 Million in Advocacy Funding to 34 Organizations

April 14, 2014

Media contact: Julian Kesner
303-539-3147, [email protected]

DENVER, COLO.—The Colorado Trust, a foundation dedicated to creating fair and equal opportunities for Coloradans to lead healthy lives, has granted $1.36 million to 34 organizations statewide to focus on health equity advocacy. The funds will allow grantees to collaborate on planning, developing and advancing policy solutions aimed at reducing health inequalities and disparities among Coloradans.

“Building an effective, inclusive cohort of advocacy voices to inform, support and create health equity policy solutions is essential to achieving The Trust’s vision,” said Ned Calonge, MD, President and CEO of The Colorado Trust. “These diverse, far-reaching organizations are committed to moving the health equity needle in their communities.”

The 34 grantee organizations focus on issues ranging from community organizing to policy development to raising public awareness. The grants are part of a two-and-a-half year, $7.2 million funding strategy designed to advance health equity policy solutions.

This funding marks the first phase within a field-building approach to advocacy and public policy grantmaking. The health equity advocacy grantees will play active roles in collaboratively shaping the field’s direction and efforts. Read a Trust blog post detailing this unique strategy from a grantmaking perspective.

About The Colorado Trust
The Colorado Trust is a health foundation dedicated to achieving health equity. We believe all Coloradans should have fair and equal opportunities to lead healthy, productive lives regardless of race, ethnicity, income or where we live. The Trust focuses on policies and information related to advancing health equity, as well as projects that address health equity in partnership with communities throughout Colorado. To learn more, visit

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Learn about the health equity issues affecting Coloradans at Collective Colorado, a publication of The Colorado Trust.