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2020 Webinars on Housing and Food Insecurity Challenges in Colorado

The Health Equity Advocacy Cohort hosted a series of webinars in February 2020 about advocacy efforts to address housing and food insecurity challenges in Colorado. Recordings are available in English and Spanish.

NOTE: The content of these webinars was solely produced by and the responsibility of Health Equity Advocacy Cohort organizations, and intended for educational purposes. The Colorado Trust was not involved in creating the content for these webinars.

Rent Control 

In this political education webinar, participants learned about Colorado law that prevents local communities from enacting affordable housing solutions. They also learned about how to get communities involved in a growing movement to address increasing rents, which are leaving more and more Coloradans struggling to find affordable homes.

(View the recording in English)

Food Security

In this webinar, the Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger shared information about three policies intended to help address hunger in the state. This webinar also provided participants the opportunity to discuss how those policies work in their communities.

(View the recording in English)

Inclusionary Housing

In this political education webinar, participants learned why it’s often impossible for Colorado communities to ensure new housing developments include affordable options.

(View the recording in English)

Mobile Home Enforcement Act

In this webinar, participants learned about community-driven efforts to enforce the rights of people that live in mobile home parks.

(View the recording in English)

Learn about the health equity issues affecting Coloradans at Collective Colorado, a publication of The Colorado Trust.