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Building and Bridging Power

The BBP strategy provides general operating funding, supplemental capacity building and technical assistance resources, and responsive advocacy funding to 23 grasstops* and grassroots** organizations across the state that are committed to ensuring the voices of impacted community members are centered in the policy process.

*Grassroots organizations are led by people closest to the issues. They develop programs and policy by and with their communities.

**Grasstops organizations work directly with policy and decision makers to change local, regional or state policy.

Media Landscape Study
Stories we tell about inequities, including narratives that show up in media accounts, can have a great deal of power. In 2020, The Trust was interested in understanding, across Colorado, the current reach and scope of local news and the state of accountability journalism. At a time of crisis and change, how well were journalists able to hold the powerful to account, inform the public and illuminate systemic inequities?

Researchers from the University of Denver and Hearken examined these questions, with support from The Trust. They undertook a mixed-method approach of content analysis, a journalist survey and community listening and design. Their report, available below, sheds light on where accountability journalism is happening, and how shortcomings in funding, media diversity and community trust might be addressed to strengthen journalism in the long term.

Grant contact: Johanna Ulloa Girón, advocacy program manager, (303) 837-1200.

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