The Colorado Trust is an independent grantmaking foundation dedicated to health equity for all Coloradans. Together with individuals, groups and communities across the state, The Trust's vision is that all Coloradans have fair and equal opportunities to lead healthy, productive lives regardless of race, ethnicity, income or where we live. We define health equity as ending inequalities that affect racial, ethnic, low-income and other vulnerable populations, so that everyone will have fair and equal opportunities to achieve good health.

When there is a job opening at The Colorado Trust, a position description and application instructions are posted below.

We seek talented, team-oriented individuals, dedicated to our goal of advancing the health and well-being of the people of Colorado. Additionally, as an Equal Opportunity Employer, we welcome a diversity of perspectives and experiences among our staff.

Please note: Because of our small staff size, we do not encourage unsolicited phone calls or résumés.


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