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2019 to 2021

To help understand and highlight the need to address social determinants of health, The Trust has contracted with Shift Research Lab, a project of The Piton Foundation, on a two-year pilot initiative called the Colorado Equity Compass that will create a data-based project to address the social determinants of health in Colorado. Change Matrix is serving as project manager.

The Colorado Equity Compass is being developed as a web-based, open-data platform of Colorado-focused, community-level health equity indicators. The platform will bring to life the experiences of residents in communities experiencing inequities; provide compelling data describing those experiences; and share stories of progress that can inspire change. More specifically, this project aims to:

  • Advance health equity for Coloradans by focusing attention and efforts on improving outcomes among social determinants of health, using data and information as foundational tools for assessing progress.
  • Directly address the issue of racial and/or ethnic discrimination as a major source of health inequities among Coloradans.

The Colorado Equity Compass is currently being piloted in four places in Colorado: East Colfax neighborhood of Denver, Larimer County, Pitkin County and southeast Colorado Springs. This pilot includes in-depth work with potential users to design and test the platform, as well as deliver featured community projects throughout 2019 and 2020. The pilot is taking a design-thinking approach by working with selected communities to explore user needs; define tools and products that will drive them to the platform and inspire action; develop prototypes to test ideas; and build momentum toward the larger platform. Pilot communities are receiving technical assistance to support them in understanding and implementing concepts, and help them more effectively leverage data, research and storytelling in their work.

As well as the website and community components of the Colorado Equity Compass, funding for Shift Research Lab includes the expansion of Community Facts. Originally launched in 2004, through Community Facts individuals and organizations have been able to access free, neighborhood-level data about health and well-being of Denver families and communities. In 2016, Shift expanded the focus to the seven-county Denver metro area. Now, with Trust funding, Community Facts is expanding statewide to provide data to support social change efforts in communities across the state. Grant contact: nancy [at] (subject: Colorado%20Equity%20Compass) (Nancy Csuti), Vice President of Research, Evaluation & Strategic Learning, (303) 837-1200.

GRANT AMOUNT: $1,050,000