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Immigrant Integration


Like many other states across the country, Colorado’s immigrant population has increased over the last decade and now makes up a growing portion of Colorado’s population. In the late 1990s, through ongoing monitoring of health and well-being issues across Colorado, The Trust learned that there are a number of unmet needs of immigrants. For example, when people from other countries relocate here, they face challenges in trying to find health care, understanding a new school system and even in basic communication with their new neighbors. At the same time, established residents may have concerns about connecting with immigrants who are now their neighbors, and the resulting potential isolation in their communities. The Trust’s initiative supported newcomers and established residents in working together for strong, healthy communities.


Nancy Csuti 

Vice President of Research, Evaluation & Strategic Learning

Evaluation Findings

Community Science conducted an independent evaluation to examine how communities collaborate around issues of immigrant integration and to track grantee activities around integration. Evaluation highlights were published in October 2011.

Evaluation contact: Nancy Baughman Csuti, vicepresidenta de estudios, evaluación y aprendizaje estratégico, (303)837-1200.