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Community Leaders in Health Equity

Composed of three key elements, this equity and health equity leadership program helps participants build their capacity and power to improve their communities.


The Colorado Trust recognizes the untapped potential in Colorado communities to address even the most difficult health equity issues. As one way to provide tools and resources and help communities realize this potential, The Colorado Trust funds Community Leaders in Health Equity (CLHE). CLHE is an intensive equity and health equity leadership training and development program designed for people living in Colorado who are impacted by multiple forms of oppression and health inequities. The program is devised and implemented by Transformative Alliances LLC, a Denver-based anti-oppression and equity consulting organization.

Community Leaders in Health Equity is composed of three elements:

Community Leaders in Health Equity
More than 90 residents from across the state participate in a free 18-month education and leadership training program and curriculum focused on equity and health equity, to build their capacity to improve their communities. To ensure that program participants have the necessary backing to complete the program, they are supported and coordinated by dedicated grantee organizations in their region.

Continuing Track
Participants who complete CLHE and wish to continue their learning are invited to apply to participate in a second iteration of the program. The continuing track focuses on transformative organizing and concrete skill building, as well as deepening the equity and health equity analysis established in CLHE so that participants are equipped to advocate for equity and health equity at a community level.

Speaker Series and Associated Community Events
Formatted to parallel key aspects of the Health Equity Learning Series, the speaker series features presenters who help to increase knowledge and awareness of specific equity and health equity issues. These presentations are recorded, then featured in professionally facilitated events hosted by communities across Colorado.

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Morris W. Price, Jr.

Vice President of Grants & Impact

Learn about the health equity issues affecting Coloradans at Collective Colorado, a publication of The Colorado Trust.