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Colorado Household Survey Issue Brief – A Profile of Colorado’s Uninsured Population


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The 2008-09 Colorado Household Survey (COHS) was initiated to collect information on the health insurance status of Coloradans. The COHS was sponsored by the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing and funded by The Colorado Trust in an effort to more accurately assess the issues surrounding health insurance coverage in Colorado, and provide baseline information about health care coverage and access in anticipation of state and national health reform efforts. Using data from the COHS, this issue brief provides an overview of uninsured Coloradans, how long they experience uninsurance and discusses the correlates of being uninsured, including employment status, the size of the firms in which they work, annual income and where in the state the burden of being uninsured is most acutely felt.

Learn about the health equity issues affecting Coloradans at Collective Colorado, a publication of The Colorado Trust.