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Statement on Jan. 6 Violence at U.S. Capitol

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“The people of America, our democracy and our closest held values were senselessly and violently assaulted yesterday in Washington, D.C. The insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, incited by President Trump, was despicable. Moreover, the sharp contrast in treatment of this mob by law enforcement, compared to that of thousands of Americans arrested during peaceful protests in support of racial justice last summer, was readily apparent for all to see.

“These events are a reminder of how far our country still has to go to achieve liberty and justice for all, and of the importance of the work by organizers, nonprofits and communities across Colorado to advance equity and good health. We must redouble our efforts to acknowledge and address the long-standing divisions at the core of this behavior and help our state, and our country, be the beacon of equity and equality to which we aspire.”

Ned Calonge, MD, MPH
President & CEO, The Colorado Trust

Learn about the health equity issues affecting Coloradans at Collective Colorado, a publication of The Colorado Trust.