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Equality in Health


Increased the ability of organizations and educational institutions to provide culturally appropriate health care services to help reduce racial and ethnic health disparities in Colorado. Learn more.

Partnerships for Health


Improved the coordination of health services at the community level through partnerships that build, strengthen and sustain the infrastructure of Colorado communities. Learn more.

Immigrant Integration – Evaluation


An evaluation of the Immigrant Integration initiative by Community Science examined the community planning process, outcomes achieved by grantees and the levels of increased integration experienced in grantee communities.

Immigrant Integration


Supported immigrants and established residents in working together for healthy communities. Learn more.



Provided Colorado students an increased ability to both prevent and report violence by making anonymous calls to 1-877-542-SAFE. Learn more.

Preventing Suicide in Colorado


Supported statewide efforts to address the problem of suicide by encouraging people at risk to receive care and improving the care that at-risk individuals receive. Learn more.

Colorado Healthy People 2010


Helped Coloradans take steps to lead healthier, longer lives, and to decrease health disparities among different populations. Learn more.

After-School Initiative


The initiative provided funding, training and tailored technical assistance services to 34 grantee after-school programs across the state, with an aim to develop and support after-school programming strategies that capitalize on the strengths of young people, families and communities. In each program, emphasis was placed on three main goals: positive youth development strategies, cultural competency development (for both staff and program activities) and partnerships designed to foster stronger adult and youth engagement, as well as support for the program. Learn more.

Qualistar Early Learning


Supported efforts to improve the quality of early childhood learning experiences. Learn more.

Learn about the health equity issues affecting Coloradans at Collective Colorado, a publication of The Colorado Trust.