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Equality in Health – Evaluation


An evaluation of the Equality in Health effort by Community Science examined the link between the increases in grantee organization’s cultural competency and reduced health disparities.

Healthy Aging – Evaluation


An independent evaluation was conducted by the National Research Center, Inc. to determine whether providing technical assistance to build the capacity of grantee organizations helped to improve their ability to serve seniors. Grantees reported program-level outcomes, and the evaluation examined associations between these outcomes and increased organizational capacity.

Homelessness Prevention


Provided support for the administration of the Homeless Prevention Tax, and committed funding to support Denver’s Road Home, a national model for helping to end homelessness.

Healthy Aging


Helped senior-serving organizations improve their ability to meet the needs of the state’s growing aging population. Learn more.

Advancing Colorado’s Mental Health Care


A joint effort of The Trust, Colorado Health Foundation, Caring for Colorado Foundation and The Denver Foundation to support human services agencies, mental health care providers and others to improve the integration and coordination of mental health services with physical health care so that people can be treated with the services they need most, regardless of where they seek care. Learn more.

Bullying Prevention


Helped schools and community-based organizations to prevent bullying and bullying-related behaviors. Learn more.

Equality in Health


Increased the ability of organizations and educational institutions to provide culturally appropriate health care services to help reduce racial and ethnic health disparities in Colorado. Learn more.

Partnerships for Health


Improved the coordination of health services at the community level through partnerships that build, strengthen and sustain the infrastructure of Colorado communities. Learn more.

Immigrant Integration – Evaluation


An evaluation of the Immigrant Integration initiative by Community Science examined the community planning process, outcomes achieved by grantees and the levels of increased integration experienced in grantee communities.

Immigrant Integration


Supported immigrants and established residents in working together for healthy communities. Learn more.

Learn about the health equity issues affecting Coloradans at Collective Colorado, a publication of The Colorado Trust.