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El Pueblo History Museum

Support for the Eastwood Heights Neighborhood Memory Project in Pueblo.

The Veterans of Hope Project

Via The Veterans of Hope Project in Denver, providing opportunities for trauma-sensitive yoga to community members experiencing high levels of stress due to social factors (such as racism or poverty).

Colorado Nonprofit Development Center

In collaboration with other Colorado funders, provided support to study potential future needs and opportunities related to the Colorado Family Planning Initiative and its long-acting reproductive contraception program.

Transit Alliance

Supported the Colorado Rural Mobility Statewide Pilot Initiative, a six-month community process for two transportation planning regions. Each process will culminate in a "Rural Citizens Academy" to discuss equitable mobility in the region.

Freedom Service Dogs of America

Supporting the organization's work to enhance the lives of people with disabilities by rescuing dogs and custom-training them for individual client needs.

Conejos County Clean Water, Inc.
2016 to 2017

Supporting the engagement of Antonito and San Luis students in an oral history project, to have them conduct interviews with local residents about the loss of Spanish language and culture. The project helps students develop qualitative research skills and connect them and their communities to their Hispanic cultural roots. Also supports weekly resident gatherings to learn about the history of the San Luis Valley's Spanish dialect.

Rural Communities Resource Center

Supported the center's efforts to create systems change and develop programs that promote the physical, emotional and economic health of the greater Yuma area.

Urban Youth Summer Community Partnership Internship Program

Supported five high-school-age youth to work on researching community and health equity issues in northeast Denver, and present a subsequent plan to address needs. Street Fraternity served as the fiscal sponsor.


In partnership with The Colorado Health Foundation, Kaiser Permanente and other funders, assisting with long-term organizational transition planning.

Outdoor Leadership Program

Funding for a team-building retreat for approximately 40 community members of Sheridan, Colo. as part of their community partnerships work.