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January 2011
Colorado Household Survey Issue Brief – Why Coloradans are Uninsured and the Likely Effects of Health Care Reform?

Approximately 14 percent of Coloradans do not have health insurance. While the reasons vary by demographic and employment-related factors, overwhelmingly the number one reason is cost. The numerous reasons Coloradans report for being uninsured are examined, as well as how recent state and federal health care reforms might mitigate these factors.

October 2006
CommunityConnections: Fall Edition 2006

Highlights include an overview of The Trust's statewide grantee conference, including comments from keynote speaker Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO of the Harlem Children's Zone. This edition also pays tribute to John R. Moran, Jr., The Trust's departing President and CEO, and introduces his successor, Irene M. Ibarra. Additionally, the newsletter welcomes three community members to The Trust's Investment and Audit committees.

October 2007
CommunityConnections: Fall Edition 2007

Highlights The Trust's Bullying Prevention and Colorado School Health Improvement efforts, and focuses on strengthening patient care and safety through the Colorado 5 Million Lives Campaign. Featured publications include: Solving Colorado’s Health Professions Shortage – Initial Lessons Learned from the Health Professions Initiative Evaluation; Gatekeepers: Helping to Prevent Suicide in Colorado; The Importance of Culture in Evaluation: a Practical Guide for Evaluators; and Equality in Health: An Annotated Bibliography with Resources on Health Disparities and Cultural and Linguistic Competency.

October 2009
CommunityConnections: Fall Edition 2009

This edition of The Colorado Trust's quarterly newsletter features two grantees—Doctors Care and Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics—that are working to increase the availability of care. Additional articles highlight the San Luis Valley's new Health Access Program, and link to The Trust's 2008 Annual Report. Also presented is a model for evaluating advocacy efforts, and details about new Trust website and social media features.

April 2006
CommunityConnections: Spring Edition 2006

Highlights the progress of the Safe2Tell hotline, an anonymous reporting system to help youth prevent violence. There is also news about the planned retirement of John R. Moran, Jr., President and CEO; an upcoming event focused on substance abuse among women and girls; recognition of young people in Roaring Fork Valley schools for their successful bullying prevention efforts; and information about The Trust's 2005 Annual Report.


An interactive, searchable database of all of The Trust’s publications from its 30 years of serving Coloradans.