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May 2010
Building Public Will to Achieve Access to Health – Issue Brief

This brief provides an overview of the concept of public will-building, and looks at how it may serve as an important means to help achieve access to health. In addition to describing actions and experiences within each phase of building public will, the brief also provides a case study of how this approach has impacted environmental awareness.

June 2014
Building Public Will: One Faith Leader at a Time - Issue Brief

Project Health Colorado was a community-focused effort designed to engage individuals and organizations in discussions about improving health care. This brief explores the experience of one organization, Together Colorado, and their efforts to engage and support faith leaders in advocating for access to health care, including how they worked with leaders and tips for building public will and mobilizing new advocates around a particular issue.

June 2012
Case Study: Boulder County Healthy Kids - A Collaborative Community Approach to Public Health Insurance Enrollment for Children and Families

In the past decade, a number of national efforts have endeavored to increase enrollment of eligible children and families in public health insurance programs, but enrolling this population continues to be a struggle due to systemic barriers at the state, county and local levels. In response, foundations like The Colorado Trust have invested in community-based outreach efforts to improve the enrollment, retention and utilization of Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus. This case study highlights the work of one such effort.

September 2020
Centering Race in Health Equity Advocacy: 2020 Addendum
This addendum captures the 2019 racial equity capacity-building efforts of the Health Equity Advocacy (HEA) Cohort. It includes a rearticulation of the HEA Cohort’s vision and a multilevel framework for racial equity capacity building, followed by updated findings at each level of the framework. The paper concludes with some reflections about the HEA Cohort’s capacity-building efforts and how it supports efforts towards a more equitable Colorado.
January 2019
Centering Race in Health Equity Advocacy: Lessons Learned

This paper discusses the decision to center race in the Health Equity Advocacy strategy; describes the framework and strategies used to build racial equity capacity at the individual, organizational and field levels; and presents results on the progress that has been made at each of these levels. It also includes recommendations for others who may be interested in centering race in social change efforts.

December 2012
CHAS Issue Brief: A Growing Problem: Oral Health Coverage, Access and Usage in Colorado

This brief highlights findings from the 2011 Colorado Health Access Survey (CHAS) about access to dental insurance and oral health care in Colorado. The analysis shows that all Coloradans are facing more barriers to accessing oral health care, compared to when the survey was last done in 2008-09. It also looks at which Coloradans are having the most difficulty getting oral health care and paying for it.

October 2012
CHAS Issue Brief: An Examination of Emergency Department Use in Colorado

This brief highlights findings from the 2011 Colorado Health Access Survey (CHAS) about emergency department use in Colorado. The in-depth analysis provides critical insights about effect of insurance status on emergency department use; the ages, races, ethnicities and income levels of those who most often use the emergency department; and reasons Coloradans report for non-emergency use of the emergency department.


An interactive, searchable database of all of The Trust’s publications from its 30 years of serving Coloradans.