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June 2007
The Importance of Culture in Evaluation – A Practical Guide for Evaluators

Evaluations are significantly influenced by the cultures of participants, as well as the evaluator. This report provides insights to help evaluators better understand the influence of different cultures, assess their own work and how they work with others, with the goal of creating more useful evaluations for all stakeholders.

June 2010
The Magnitude of Underinsurance in Colorado – Issue Brief

Prepared for The Colorado Trust by the Colorado Health Institute, this issue brief is based on data from the 2008-09 Colorado Household Survey (which later became the the Colorado Health Access Survey). Key findings show that 650,000 Coloradans were underinsured—almost the same number as uninsured residents—and, although individuals over 65 years old usually have Medicare, the highest rate of underinsurance occured among this age group. As well, underinsured Coloradans were more likely to forego medical care and/or report problems paying medical bills than those Coloradans deemed adequately insured.

April 2009
The Maze – The Barriers That Keep Colorado's Eligible Children and Families Out of Medicaid and CHP+ and Recommendations to Create a Direct Path to Enrollment

This report by Colorado Covering Kids and Families examines Colorado's Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) eligibility and enrollment process, and the barriers applicants face in securing Medicaid and CHP+ coverage. Based on a comprehensive review of administrative and policy options and best practices, the report provides policy recommendations to help guide Colorado's decision-makers in their work to simplify the path to Medicaid and CHP+ coverage.

December 2011
The Status of Behavioral Health Care in Colorado - 2011 Update

This report provides critical information on Colorado-specific mental health and substance use disorder treatment needs, funding, progress made in the coordination and integration of behavioral health services since 2003, continued barriers to care and long-term recommendations for the state.

October 2003
The Status of Mental Health Care in Colorado (2003)

Provides comprehensive documentation and analysis of the state's public and private mental health system. TriWest researched and prepared the report on behalf of the Mental Health Funders Collaborative, which included Caring for Colorado Foundation, The Colorado Trust, Daniels Fund, The Denver Foundation, First Data Western Union Foundation, HealthONE Alliance, Rose Community Foundation and Rose Women's Organization.

January 2009
The Story of Safe2Tell

Highlights the Safe2Tell program, including the far-reaching impact of providing students in all Colorado schools an increased ability to both prevent and report violence by making anonymous calls to 1-877-542-SAFE. The publication also illustrates through stories and interviews the value of Safe2Tell among families and communities, necessary steps and resources to implement the program, and the hotline's long-term sustainability achieved through legislation.


An interactive, searchable database of all of The Trust’s publications from its 30 years of serving Coloradans.