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July 1998
Promoting Health by Building Community Capacity – Evidence and Implications for Grantmakers

Discusses alternative approaches to grantmaking that have the potential to improve the health status of a community. The publication focuses on research into the effectiveness of building community capacity and its effects on the health of citizens.

July 1998
Promoting Health by Building Community Capacity – Summary

This publication describes the effectiveness of building community capacity to improve the health status of community residents. The summary briefly discusses implications for grantmakers and describes The Colorado Trust's philosophy for using this approach in some of its grantmaking strategies.

October 2002
Providing Technical Assistance to Build Organizational Capacity

An overview of the technical assistance offered to grantees under The Colorado Trust's Supporting Immigrant and Refugee Families Initiative (SIRFI). Lessons learned and recommendations for other organizations offering technical assistance also are detailed within this report. The Organizational Assessment Process, a tool developed to help identify, design and deliver the appropriate technical assistance to SIRFI grantees, is included in the report.

December 2019
Shifting the Paradigm in Colorado: The Health Equity Advocacy Journey

This learning paper tells the story of how 18 direct service, community organizing and policy advocacy organizations experimented with ways to align their health equity advocacy efforts and take collective action. It provides some of the tools that the Cohort developed to invite the involvement of individuals and organizations with various levels of advocacy capacity. Lastly, it shares lessons for others interested in collective equity-focused advocacy.

September 2007
Solving Colorado's Health Professions Shortage – Initial Lessons Learned from the Health Professions Initiative Evaluation

A description of promising strategies to strengthen health professions training, including: creating awareness and readiness among students; supporting and expanding training opportunities; and promoting employer efforts and community partnerships to recruit and retain health professionals. Preliminary findings indicate that these three components together contribute toward a long-term solution to the shortage of health professionals.

February 2009
Solving Colorado's Shortage of Health Professionals – Final Evaluation Findings and Recommendations

Evaluation findings from The Trust's Health Professions effort, and recommended strategies to increase and sustain Colorado’s health professions workforce. For example, creating awareness and readiness for health professions training; providing flexible training options and reaching out to students in rural areas; supporting faculty development and clinical training opportunities; expanding the reach and content of training programs; and strengthening community partnerships for recruitment and retention of health professionals.


An interactive, searchable database of all of The Trust’s publications from its 30 years of serving Coloradans.