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April 2009
CommunityConnections: Spring Edition 2009

Features the recipient of The Colorado Trust's 2009 Grantee Leadership Award and an overview of a project that analyzes the economic impact of health care. Also includes an interview with the Interim Executive Director of the Center for Improving Value in Health Care (CIVHC), a wrap-up of the successful Colorado 5 Million Lives Campaign, and announcements of The Trust's new website, publication and broadcasts.

April 2009
The Maze – The Barriers That Keep Colorado's Eligible Children and Families Out of Medicaid and CHP+ and Recommendations to Create a Direct Path to Enrollment

This report by Colorado Covering Kids and Families examines Colorado's Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) eligibility and enrollment process, and the barriers applicants face in securing Medicaid and CHP+ coverage. Based on a comprehensive review of administrative and policy options and best practices, the report provides policy recommendations to help guide Colorado's decision-makers in their work to simplify the path to Medicaid and CHP+ coverage.

February 2009
Solving Colorado's Shortage of Health Professionals – Final Evaluation Findings and Recommendations

Evaluation findings from The Trust's Health Professions effort, and recommended strategies to increase and sustain Colorado’s health professions workforce. For example, creating awareness and readiness for health professions training; providing flexible training options and reaching out to students in rural areas; supporting faculty development and clinical training opportunities; expanding the reach and content of training programs; and strengthening community partnerships for recruitment and retention of health professionals.

January 2009
The Story of Safe2Tell

Highlights the Safe2Tell program, including the far-reaching impact of providing students in all Colorado schools an increased ability to both prevent and report violence by making anonymous calls to 1-877-542-SAFE. The publication also illustrates through stories and interviews the value of Safe2Tell among families and communities, necessary steps and resources to implement the program, and the hotline's long-term sustainability achieved through legislation.

January 2009
CommunityConnections: Winter Edition 2009

Highlights the work of Clínica Tepeyac, a grantee of The Trust's Expanding Outreach and Enrollment for Children and Youth strategy; as well as the efforts of ECHO & Family Center, one of Colorado's 31 Early Childhood Councils awarded grants from The Trust. Also featured are the Collaborative Scopes of Care Study, The Trust's Health Professions Workforce Policy Collaborative, and several publications and journal articles related to Trust initiatives.

December 2008
Collaborative Scopes of Care Study

Conducted by the Colorado Health Institute—with support from The Colorado Trust and the Caring for Colorado Foundation—this study was used to inform legislative discussion in the 2009 session. Among other recommendations, findings suggest that policymakers consider: reimbursement policies to enhance the use of dental hygienists in areas where oral health access is lacking; more prescriptive authority for advance practice nurses (APNs); delivery of health care through interdisciplinary teams including physicians, APNs and other health care professionals; requiring insurers to disclose to the Colorado Insurance Commissioner their reimbursement policies for allied health professionals providing identical services to physicians and dentists; and, through demonstration projects, testing the effectiveness, safety and quality of care provided by advance practice nurses, physician assistants and dental hygienists as primary health care providers in medically underserved areas of Colorado.

December 2008
Build Trust, End Bullying, Improve Learning

This evaluation of The Colorado Trust's three-year, statewide Bullying Prevention initiative shows that bullying declined when adults and students were willing to intervene, treat each other fairly and show they care. The findings also show that schools with less bullying had higher scores on the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) in reading, writing and math. Major findings are highlighted from this intensive initiative, including tips on how educators, parents and policymakers can help prevent bullying.

November 2008
Supporting Immigrant Integration in Colorado – Lessons Learned

Beginning in 2004, The Colorado Trust—along with the Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning and Community Science—worked to promote immigrant integration statewide. For policymakers, community advocates, academics, foundations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations, this publication details lessons learned by the 19 communities funded by The Trust to develop and implement comprehensive, local integration plans.


An interactive, searchable database of all of The Trust’s publications from its 30 years of serving Coloradans.