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December 2006
Policy Brief on Mental Health Disparities in Colorado – Full Report

Addresses the need to provide quality mental health care for individuals from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Based on an extensive literature review, input from community members and an advisory group comprised of Colorado community mental health leaders, as well as input from participants in the 2006 Colorado Mental Health Disparities Summit, the brief sets forth a number of policy recommendations to strengthen care.

January 2007
CommunityConnections: Winter Edition 2007

Highlights "Dialogues on Immigrant Integration," an effort to develop understanding, support and collaboration among immigrants and non-immigrants in Boulder County. Also included is a summary of events on school violence prevention and school health, and an overview of The Trust's participation in a statewide assessment of how Baby Boomers envision themselves regarding work, service and learning. This edition also features an interview with Jean Jones, who has concluded her tenure as a member of The Trust's Board of Trustees; recognition of the San Luis Valley Victim Offender Reconciliation Program, a Bullying Prevention grantee; and the impact of technical assistance under the Health Professions initiative.

February 2007
Health Professions Initiative – Summary of Grantee Technical Assistance

A brief summary of the Colorado Area Health Education Centers' technical assistance and consultation services for grantees of The Colorado Trust's Health Professions effort.

February 2007
Health Professions Workforce Database – Lessons Learned

Provides a brief progress report on the development of the Colorado Health Institute's Health Professions Workforce Database under The Colorado Trust's Health Professions effort. The database will help to inform policymakers and the public about health professional workforce issues.

April 2007
Colorado 100k Lives Campaign

Summarizes The Colorado Trust's effort to help hospitals across the state strengthen their quality improvement systems to further ensure patient safety. The report includes an overview of the six interventions proven to ensure safe patient care, as well as lessons learned and success stories.

April 2007
CommunityConnections: Spring Edition 2007

Highlights include a message from Irene M. Ibarra, President and CEO, about improving kids’ access to health care; a look at the rural health track program at the University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center's School of Medicine; an announcement that a survey of Colorado Baby Boomers is underway; an update on The Trust's Bullying Prevention effort; and an announcement of the report Kids’ Health Care Access: Diagnosis and Prescription for Improvement. This edition also includes an interview with retired Trustee Sister Lillian Murphy and a tribute to founding Trustee Bill Beattie.

May 2007
2006 Annual Report

In 2006, The Colorado Trust produced a brief print/PDF Annual Review, as well as an in-depth Annual Report available exclusively online. The online report features a list of all Trust grants and grantees, personal stories of change and improvement, information on how The Trust conducts its grantmaking, links to Trust publications produced in 2006, Trust board and staff leadership changes, and a comprehensive look at our financials.

June 2007
The Importance of Culture in Evaluation – A Practical Guide for Evaluators

Evaluations are significantly influenced by the cultures of participants, as well as the evaluator. This report provides insights to help evaluators better understand the influence of different cultures, assess their own work and how they work with others, with the goal of creating more useful evaluations for all stakeholders.


An interactive, searchable database of all of The Trust’s publications from its 30 years of serving Coloradans.