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May 2001
Approaches to Grantmaking: A Report to The Colorado Trust

This paper was commissioned by The Colorado Trust to aid in its long-term strategic planning process. Through a variety of sources it provides a review of existing grantmaking strategies and distills the implications of those strategies for philanthropic funders and their grantees.

June 2001
Bringing Research to Scale – The Nurse-Family Partnership Program

Examines how the research-based Nurse-Family Partnership program is being put into practice on a broad scale across Colorado. The program—in which nurses conduct in-home visits with first-time expectant mothers who are at risk of poor birth outcomes, and then continue the long-term relationship following the child's birth—is detailed in this report, along with the research on which it is based, implementation costs, realities of putting the program in place in varied communities and involving legislators in the implementation process.

June 2001
Healthy Actions, Healthy Coloradans – Community Success Stories in Evaluating Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs

Highlights the efforts of communities across Colorado to improve the health and well-being of their residents, with a focus on their evaluation work.

February 2002
Suicide in Colorado

This 2002 report identifies the characteristics of people who are most at risk of committing suicide, existing suicide-prevention resources and gaps that need to be addressed. This comprehensive compilation of data shows that an estimated 9,600 Coloradans seriously contemplate suicide each year—the majority of whom do not receive treatment for their suicidal symptoms—and that, in any given year, about 600 Coloradans can be expected to die by suicide.

February 2002
Suicide Prevention and Treatment Programs in Colorado

Overview of suicide-related statistics, as well as prevention resources and programs for each Colorado county.

March 2002
Keys to Cultural Competency – A Literature Review for Evaluators of Recent Immigrant and Refugee Service Programs in Colorado

This publication details unique characteristics of nine separate cultures (including people from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kurdistan, the former Soviet Union, Central America, Mexico, Laos, Vietnam, Somalia and Sudan), and related implications for conducting research and evaluation within these cultures.

July 2002
Youth and Violence: Colorado Students Speak Out for a More Civil Society – Full Report

A first-of-kind study that asked Colorado's young people what they think can be done to stop violence that affects them at home, at school and in their community. The Colorado Trust and the Families and Work Institute joined together to produce this study.


An interactive, searchable database of all of The Trust’s publications from its 30 years of serving Coloradans.