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May 2010
2009 Annual Report

The Colorado Trust's 2009 Annual Report highlights the accomplishments of those we have the privilege to work with, and briefly outlines our work ahead to realize access to health for all Coloradans.

April 2010
Early Childhood Systems Building from a Community Perspective – Issue Brief

Even when children and their families have access to support services from a variety of programs and organizations—such as early learning centers, nutrition programs, and pediatric, nursing, dental and mental health care providers—there are challenges in connecting families to these services. The result is that families often have a difficult time learning about, applying for and taking advantage of the services that could benefit their children. This issue brief, prepared for The Colorado Trust by Julia Coffman of the Center for Evaluation Innovation and Susan Parker of Clear Thinking Communications, explains systems building as an intentional, organized way to create or improve a system of early care and education services for children.

December 2009
Addressing Colorado's Primary Care Provider Shortage - 2010 Public Policy Agenda

Developed by the Colorado Health Care Professions Workforce Policy Collaborative, this analysis of the primary care provider shortage in Colorado is intended to inform policymakers, health care professionals, workforce experts, educators and others. Specifically, the report details six policy recommendations to help address the shortage in 2010—from enacting policies to support adequate reimbursement for primary care providers, to increasing public funding for health professions education programs and optimizing effectiveness of loan programs.

October 2009
CommunityConnections: Fall Edition 2009

This edition of The Colorado Trust's quarterly newsletter features two grantees—Doctors Care and Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics—that are working to increase the availability of care. Additional articles highlight the San Luis Valley's new Health Access Program, and link to The Trust's 2008 Annual Report. Also presented is a model for evaluating advocacy efforts, and details about new Trust website and social media features.

July 2009
2008 Annual Report

This report details the thinking behind The Trust's 10-year vision to achieve access to health for all Coloradans by 2018, with a focus on expanding health coverage, and improving and expanding health care. In addition to detailing many of the complex problems within the health care system and the associated Trust strategies to help address these challenges, this report includes thoughtful essays from dedicated Coloradans working hard to improve quality, affordable health care and coverage, together with hopeful stories of change and improvement from grantees.

July 2009
CommunityConnections: Summer Edition 2009

The summer edition of The Colorado Trust’s quarterly newsletter features a new study that explores health care affordability, as well as the story of Kristen Castor, a participant in the study. Also included is information about recent Congressional briefings by the Partnership for a Healthy Colorado, the launch of a statewide patient-centered medical home pilot program, and an announcement of the new Center for the Study of the Safety Net. Additional articles highlight The Trust’s Immigrant Integration and Partnerships for Health grants, and a new report on suicide prevention.

April 2009
The Cost of Care: Can Coloradans Afford Health Care? (Executive Summary)

In the health care debate, there are three critical areas that policymakers must consider: adequacy, accessibility and affordability. Conducted by the Colorado Center on Law & Policy and its partners at Colorado Voices for Coverage (and co-funded by The Colorado Trust), this study explored such questions as: What does affordability mean for Colorado families? How should policymakers address affordability? What definition of affordability ensures that all Coloradans have access to health care? The study is based on research resulting from nearly 100 community budget workshops conducted throughout Colorado, where approximately 1,000 families under 500 percent of the Federal Poverty Level were surveyed.


An interactive, searchable database of all of The Trust’s publications from its 30 years of serving Coloradans.