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January 2011
Colorado Household Survey Issue Brief – Why Coloradans are Uninsured and the Likely Effects of Health Care Reform?

Approximately 14 percent of Coloradans do not have health insurance. While the reasons vary by demographic and employment-related factors, overwhelmingly the number one reason is cost. The numerous reasons Coloradans report for being uninsured are examined, as well as how recent state and federal health care reforms might mitigate these factors.

January 2011
Colorado Household Survey Issue Brief - Reaching "Mixed Insured" Families: A Key to Success of the Health Insurance Exchange

Thirty percent of Coloradans—1.5 million people—live in families where some members have health insurance and others don't. Many in this group are uninsured parents with insured children. But research shows that parents without insurance tend to delay or do without care for their insured children. This brief examines "mixed insurance" families and the challenge they present to policymakers and advocates who want to improve health care access for children.

November 2010
The Effectiveness of Boosting Public Health Insurance Enrollment Through Community Events – Issue Brief

While many organizations rely on community festivals and other events as a primary means of reaching out to and enrolling children in Family Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program Plus (CHP+), little research has been done on their effectiveness. Prepared for The Colorado Trust by Alisa J. Velonis, MPH, and Debbi Main, PhD, of the University of Colorado Denver, this issue brief provides an examination of the effectiveness of these methods for increasing enrollment among The Trust's Expanding Outreach and Enrollment for Children and Youth grantees.

November 2010
Addressing Colorado's Primary Care Provider Shortage – 2011 Public Policy Agenda

Created in 2008 to better understand the complex nature of health care workforce policy and develop and support effective changes, the Colorado Health Professions Workforce Policy Collaborative—which is managed by the Colorado Rural Health Center—has released its 2011 recommendations for addressing the state's primary care provider shortage. The report defines the gap in providers and details five specific policy recommendations to help solve the shortage.

November 2010
Children's Healthy Mental Development: What State Policymakers Need to Know – Issue Brief

This issue brief offers policymakers an action checklist for developing state policies and practices that support the healthy mental development of young children, and provides examples of such policies and practices already in place in Colorado. As well, the brief lists federal funding available to bolster state and local efforts to improve children's healthy mental development.

October 2010
Comparison of Provisions from Colorado's Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care Reform and Federal Health Care Reform – Issue Brief

This issue brief commissioned by The Colorado Trust, and authored by the two lead staff members of the Colorado's Blue Ribbon Commission on Healthcare Reform (the 208 Commission), Tracy L. Johnson, PhD and Sarah Schulte, MHSA, shows that there is significant agreement between our state's recommendations and the new federal law.

June 2010
The Magnitude of Underinsurance in Colorado – Issue Brief

Prepared for The Colorado Trust by the Colorado Health Institute, this issue brief is based on data from the 2008-09 Colorado Household Survey (which later became the the Colorado Health Access Survey). Key findings show that 650,000 Coloradans were underinsured—almost the same number as uninsured residents—and, although individuals over 65 years old usually have Medicare, the highest rate of underinsurance occured among this age group. As well, underinsured Coloradans were more likely to forego medical care and/or report problems paying medical bills than those Coloradans deemed adequately insured.

May 2010
Building Public Will to Achieve Access to Health – Issue Brief

This brief provides an overview of the concept of public will-building, and looks at how it may serve as an important means to help achieve access to health. In addition to describing actions and experiences within each phase of building public will, the brief also provides a case study of how this approach has impacted environmental awareness.

May 2010
2009 Annual Report

The Colorado Trust's 2009 Annual Report highlights the accomplishments of those we have the privilege to work with, and briefly outlines our work ahead to realize access to health for all Coloradans.


An interactive, searchable database of all of The Trust’s publications from its 30 years of serving Coloradans.