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August 2015
State of Evaluation in Colorado’s Nonprofit Sector

This report presents findings and recommendations from a research project to understand the state of evaluation in Colorado’s nonprofit sector. By adapting a national Innovation Network survey for statewide use and conducting in-depth interviews, the study examined the role of evaluation at 914 nonprofit organizations in Colorado and the challenges to implementing evaluation practices. It also provides recommendations to support or enhance evaluation practices at nonprofits. The study was conducted in collaboration with the Colorado Nonprofit Association and the Community Resource Center.

June 2015
2014 Annual Report

The Colorado Trust's 2014 Annual Report highlights the foundation's emerging strategies towards achieving health equity for all Coloradans. Grantees featured in stories include Archuleta County Veterans Services, Colorado Health Institute and Together Colorado. Also highlighted is a speaker from the 2014 Health Equity Learning Series and the impact of his presentation on grantees across the state.

March 2015
From Paper to Practice: Key Lessons for Foundations Deploying Complex Strategies

Project Health Colorado was a three-year strategy aimed at building public will to achieve access to health for all Coloradans. This additional evaluation report is intended to inform and educate other foundations implementing similarly complex grantmaking strategies.

June 2014
Building Public Will: One Faith Leader at a Time - Issue Brief

Project Health Colorado was a community-focused effort designed to engage individuals and organizations in discussions about improving health care. This brief explores the experience of one organization, Together Colorado, and their efforts to engage and support faith leaders in advocating for access to health care, including how they worked with leaders and tips for building public will and mobilizing new advocates around a particular issue.

February 2014
2013 Health Equity Learning Series: Creating Health Equity for All Coloradans

To increase awareness and understanding of health equity, The Colorado Trust sponsored its first Health Equity Learning Series in 2013. This report summarizes the knowledge and advice gleaned from national experts who presented during the series. The publication also features stories from organizations working toward achieving health equity and Coloradans impacted by disparities.


An interactive, searchable database of all of The Trust’s publications from its 30 years of serving Coloradans.