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April 2008
CommunityConnections: Spring Edition 2008

Highlights include a grantee story on practicing medicine in rural Colorado. Other articles focus on building Colorado's health professions workforce; a "Scopes of Care" study that's underway; The Trust's support of the Frontline film Sick Around the World; an Equality in Health grantee as the recipient of the 2008 John R. Moran, Jr. Leadership Award; and a tribute to Dr. Donald Fink, a founding Trustee. Also included are overviews of several publications: Governor’s Dialogue on Health Care Vision and Values; Colorado Baby Boomers: Challenges and Opportunities, and Immigrant Integration Educator Resource Guide.

February 2008
Governor's Dialogue on Health Care Vision and Values – Final Report

Summarizes key messages heard in nine communities and 11 meetings across Colorado. The Colorado Trust supported former Governor Bill Ritter in his efforts to convene, inform and engage people across the state in a conversation about what they want from their health care system and values underlying that vision. The process was designed to complement the work of the Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care Reform and provide further input to the Ritter administration in setting a course for change.

January 2008
Colorado Baby Boomers – Challenges and Opportunities

This look at the state's 55- to 65-year-old population provides insights into how senior-serving organizations and agencies can better plan, prepare and address the needs of the growing number of Coloradans approaching retirement. This sizeable group—nearly half a million strong—offers unique opportunities to communities, employers and charities through their considerable knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. At the same time, there are significant challenges that require change and adaptation to provide aging boomers with adequate health care and coverage, employment, education and service opportunities.

November 2007
Immigrant Integration Educator Resource Guide

Developed by the Colorado Department of Education and The Colorado Trust, this guide identifies, explains and provides recommendations for promoting immigrant integration in schools. Intended primarily as a resource for district administrators, school administrators and teachers, the guide provides an overview of the critical areas that influence immigrant integration in schools, from school enrollment and classroom instruction to family and community outreach.

October 2007
CommunityConnections: Fall Edition 2007

Highlights The Trust's Bullying Prevention and Colorado School Health Improvement efforts, and focuses on strengthening patient care and safety through the Colorado 5 Million Lives Campaign. Featured publications include: Solving Colorado’s Health Professions Shortage – Initial Lessons Learned from the Health Professions Initiative Evaluation; Gatekeepers: Helping to Prevent Suicide in Colorado; The Importance of Culture in Evaluation: a Practical Guide for Evaluators; and Equality in Health: An Annotated Bibliography with Resources on Health Disparities and Cultural and Linguistic Competency.

October 2007
Gatekeepers – Helping to Prevent Suicide in Colorado

This evaluation determined whether gatekeepers—community members trained in recognizing at-risk individuals of suicide and referring them to professional caregivers—use their understanding and skills to positively intervene and prevent suicide deaths. The findings show that most gatekeepers did help at-risk individuals, indicating that the strategy of gatekeeper training is a successful suicide prevention strategy.

September 2007
Solving Colorado's Health Professions Shortage – Initial Lessons Learned from the Health Professions Initiative Evaluation

A description of promising strategies to strengthen health professions training, including: creating awareness and readiness among students; supporting and expanding training opportunities; and promoting employer efforts and community partnerships to recruit and retain health professionals. Preliminary findings indicate that these three components together contribute toward a long-term solution to the shortage of health professionals.

August 2007
CommunityConnections: Summer Edition 2007

Highlights include a grantee story, workplace wellness at the Food Bank for Larimer County, and recognition of Safe2Tell as The Trust's first leadership award recipient. Also included is a message from Irene M. Ibarra, President and CEO, stressing the importance of partnerships to address the problem of suicide in our state, and updates on The Trust's Equality in Health, Healthy Aging and Immigrant Integration efforts, and announcements of cardiovascular and stroke guidelines and a health care workforce website.


An interactive, searchable database of all of The Trust’s publications from its 30 years of serving Coloradans.