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August 2017
Phase 1 report: Toward Health Equity in Colorado: Building Foundations for Change

This report discusses the co-creation of the Health Equity Advocacy (HEA) strategy by 34 organizations and staff of The Colorado Trust. Together, these parties unpacked assumptions behind the grantee-driven approach of the HEA strategy, built relationships across diverse stakeholders, identified what capacities and skills need to be developed to strengthen health equity advocacy work, and considered how best to improve coordination and collaboration to advance shared health equity goals.

July 2017
Phase 2 report: Toward Health Equity in Colorado: Progress and Lessons Learned in Health Equity Advocacy Field Building

Over a two-year period (2015-16), 18 direct service, community organizing and policy advocacy organizations worked together as a cohort to lay the foundation for a health equity advocacy field in Colorado. This report highlights key accomplishments by these organizations in domains of capacity building, alignment and coordination, community engagement and power sharing, and vision setting. It also discusses lessons learned and shares reflections by Health Equity Advocacy cohort organizations on future field-building work.

July 2017
2016 Annual Report

The Colorado Trust's 2016 Annual Report explores the foundation’s progress and milestones in its Community Partnerships grantmaking approach, which promotes resident-led approaches to advancing health equity in communities across the state. The report also examines the field-building work and collaboration taking place in the 18-grantee Health Equity Advocacy strategy; how the Health Equity Learning Series has deepened its impact by way of professionally facilitated community discussions; and the final honoree in the 10-year John R. Moran, Jr. Grantee Leadership Award.

November 2016
Engaging Affected Populations in Health Equity: An Emerging Framework in Colorado

This report summarizes key lessons learned from the Health Equity Advocacy Strategy (HEAS), a multi-phase, multi-year effort aimed at building a strong, effective field of health equity advocates statewide.

An HEAS cohort of 18-grantees includes a variety of grasstops and grassroots advocacy, service and organizing groups. Within this collaborative endeavor, a core focus of the HEAS grantees has centered on discussions around effective, appropriate and authentic engagement strategies for affected populations (in this case, populations that experience the brunt of poor health outcomes and inequities).

August 2016
Impact of the Health Equity Learning Series in Seven Colorado Communities

Among 65 Health Equity Learning Series (HELS) grantee organizations between 2013 and 2015, seven were awarded grants all three years, thereby hosting event viewings and discussions in their communities for approximately 12 speakers. This report, based on qualitative interviews with those seven grantees, explores how these organizations and communities applied lessons from HELS speakers to their daily work, how HELS impacted their efforts and how they were able to implement informed action as a result.

August 2016
Is Colorado Ready to Talk About the Role of Racism in Health Equity?

To explore perceptions of racism and its role in preventing health equity in their community, 22 Health Equity Learning Series (HELS) grantees from 2015 were interviewed. Grantees expressed varying perspectives on racism as a factor in health equity, community readiness to address racism issues and strategies to combat racism in their communities.

July 2016
2015 Annual Report

The Colorado Trust's 2015 Annual Report marked 30 years of the foundation’s efforts to advance the health and well-being of Coloradans. Particular emphasis is paid to The Trust’s Community Partnerships strategy, which launched in January 2015, and several of the initial communities involved in the work. Other stories in the report include the Colorado Health Access Survey and its findings on health care coverage in Colorado following ACA implementation; the field-building approach undertaken by the Health Equity Advocacy grantees; The Colorado Trust Endowed Chair in American Indian Health; and much more.

March 2016
2015 Health Equity Learning Series: Creating Paths to Opportunity

This report summarizes learnings from the three Health Equity Learning Series (HELS) events held in 2015, and is is intended to augment the videotaped presentations and accompanying materials. The report examines topics covered by the four presenters, including how structures, policies and systems can unintentionally marginalize vulnerable communities; how race impacts health; and how organizations have effectively used resources to give community members a voice, and improved the health of their own communities.

August 2015
State of Evaluation in Colorado’s Nonprofit Sector

This report presents findings and recommendations from a research project to understand the state of evaluation in Colorado’s nonprofit sector. By adapting a national Innovation Network survey for statewide use and conducting in-depth interviews, the study examined the role of evaluation at 914 nonprofit organizations in Colorado and the challenges to implementing evaluation practices. It also provides recommendations to support or enhance evaluation practices at nonprofits. The study was conducted in collaboration with the Colorado Nonprofit Association and the Community Resource Center.

June 2015
2014 Annual Report

The Colorado Trust's 2014 Annual Report highlights the foundation's emerging strategies towards achieving health equity for all Coloradans. Grantees featured in stories include Archuleta County Veterans Services, Colorado Health Institute and Together Colorado. Also highlighted is a speaker from the 2014 Health Equity Learning Series and the impact of his presentation on grantees across the state.


An interactive, searchable database of all of The Trust’s publications from its 30 years of serving Coloradans.