Search our online database to find details on beneficiaries of major grants, funding strategies and more, dating back to 1992, or download the database here. A few select grant types, such as sponsorships, are not included here; complete grant listings are available in our federal tax returns. While we continue to translate all of these entries into Spanish, please note that some of this information is currently available only in English.Showing 10 of 429 results
5 Loaves Pantry
2020 to 2021

Support to help provide healthy food to those in need in the McClave and Hasty communities, as well as the surrounding area in southeast Colorado. (COVID-19 response grant)

9to5 National Association of Working Women
2020 to 2021

Support for the Colorado chapter's Rapid Response Care Fund, which distributes direct financial assistance to families in need living in northwest Aurora, Colo. (COVID-19 response grant)

Advancing Colorado's Mental Health Care
2005 to 2011

A joint effort of The Trust, Colorado Health Foundation, Caring for Colorado Foundation and The Denver Foundation to support human services agencies, mental health care providers and others to improve the integration and coordination of mental health services with physical health care so that people can be treated with the services they need most, regardless of where they seek care. Learn more.

Affordable Care Eligibility Coordinator (The Colorado Health Foundation)
2011 to 2012

Partnered with the Colorado Health Foundation to support consulting services to the State of Colorado necessary to develop a strategic plan to improve state eligibility determination, verification and enrollment systems, as required under the Affordable Care Act.

African Community Center

General operating support for the African Community Center, whose mission is to help refugees and immigrants rebuild safe, sustainable lives in Denver.

After-School Initiative
2000 to 2006

The initiative provided funding, training and tailored technical assistance services to 34 grantee after-school programs across the state, with an aim to develop and support after-school programming strategies that capitalize on the strengths of young people, families and communities. In each program, emphasis was placed on three main goals: positive youth development strategies, cultural competency development (for both staff and program activities) and partnerships designed to foster stronger adult and youth engagement, as well as support for the program. Learn more.

Alliance for Global Justice
2020 to 2021

General operating support via the Anti-Black Systemic Racism Fund, serving as fiscal sponsor for the Colorado Freedom Fund.

Alliance for Global Justice
2020 to 2021

General operating support via the Anti-Black Systemic Racism Fund, serving as fiscal sponsor for Denver Justice Project.

Alpine Achiever Initiative
2020 to 2021

Support to provide basic needs to Saguache, Colo. community members who are experiencing food insecurity. (COVID-19 response grant)

America's Kids Belong - Colorado Chapter

General operating support for an organization working to create better lives for children in foster care.