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Colorado Health Outcomes Program (University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center)

Conducted a review of Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) claims data to compare costs, utilization and outcomes for children seen by a Colorado Children's Healthcare Access Practice to those for children in unassigned Medicaid fee-for-service care in order to strengthen efforts to expand medical homes to Colorado Medicaid patients.

Early Childhood Health Integration
2008 to 2014

Supported Colorado's network of Early Childhood Councils—community-based collaboratives that connect children and families to resources and quality services in early care and education, health, mental health and family support—to better integrate health services and systems into their local early childhood system development efforts. Learn more.

Colorado Children's Healthcare Access Program - Healthy Mothers Project
2010 to 2011

Provided support services that enabled and encouraged private obstetrical and family practices to provide comprehensive prenatal care to publicly insured pregnant women.

Healthy Aging - Evaluation
2006 to 2011

An independent evaluation was conducted by the National Research Center, Inc. to determine whether providing technical assistance to build the capacity of grantee organizations helped to improve their ability to serve seniors. Grantees reported program-level outcomes, and the evaluation examined associations between these outcomes and increased organizational capacity.

Immigrant Integration - Evaluation
2004 to 2010

An evaluation of the Immigrant Integration initiative by Community Science examined the community planning process, outcomes achieved by grantees and the levels of increased integration experienced in grantee communities.

Expanding Children's Access to Health Care
2008 to 2011

Expanded the ability of 14 community health clinics and local public health agencies to provide timely preventive, primary, oral and behavioral health care for children in medically underserved areas. Learn more.

Colorado Health Institute
2015 to 2019

Established in 2003, the Colorado Health Institute (CHI), was created through a funding partnership of The Colorado Trust, Rose Community Foundation and Caring for Colorado. Serving as a reliable and impartial clearinghouse for data and data resources related to Colorado’s health care issues and systems, CHI communicates these data to policy makers, funding organizations, health planners, business and nonprofit community, consumer groups, health care providers and the media. Learn more.

Office of the Colorado First Lady
2008 to 2009

Provided leadership and promoted collaboration to address community-specific behavioral health concerns; diminished the stigma of mental illness through greater awareness and understanding; increased early detection and treatment, and improved overall behavioral health outcomes for Coloradans.

Office of the Colorado Governor
2007 to 2012

Supported a staff position in the Colorado Governor's Policy Office to assist with the implementation of laws that will increase access to health for all Coloradans.