Search our online database to find details on beneficiaries of major grants, funding strategies and more, dating back to 1992, or download the database here. A few select grant types, such as sponsorships, are not included here; complete grant listings are available in our federal tax returns. While we continue to translate all of these entries into Spanish, please note that some of this information is currently available only in English.Showing 10 of 237 results
Manzanola School District 3J
2017 to 2018

Support for the installation of a water filtration vending system at the school. Residents of Manzanola will receive 20 gallons of free water per month indefinitely, or until the filtration system ceases operation.

National Academy of Sciences
2017 to 2018

Support for the Roundtable on Promotion of Health Equity and Elimination of Health Disparities, in 2017 and 2018.

Colorado State University Foundation

Supported the CSU Western Colorado Research Center's Community Alliance for Education and Hunger Relief Project.

Community Partnership for Child Development

Supported the creation of Early Head Start and Head Start classrooms in the Catholic Charities Family Resource Center located at the Helen Hunt Campus in Colorado Springs. These classrooms will serve children from homeless families who access the center for housing, medical and employment services.

Fort Collins Community Action Network

For immigrant families in the Fort Collins area, supported the creation and distribution of 800 emergency preparedness packets that provide information about immigrant rights and the deportation process.

Colorado Center on Law & Policy

Support for publication, printing and outreach for the Colorado Self-Sufficiency Standard and companion demographics report.

Great Education Colorado

Support for the organization's Colorado Education Network; funds will be used to help promote creation, dissemination and promotion of health equity-related content, communications and outreach efforts.

LiveWell Colorado
2018 to 2019

Support for the organization's Community Food Advocates program.

Tri-County Health Department

Funding to help gather qualitative data about teen pregnancy and pregnancy prevention among adolescent Latina girls in the Aurora, Colorado area.

Colorado Springs Food Rescue

Support for the organization's grocery program, which serves more than 500 families in the Colorado Springs area every week.