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Colorado School Health Improvement
2007 to 2009

Helped to expand care provided through school-based health centers, including primary and preventive physical, dental and behavioral health care. Learn more.

John R. Moran, Jr. Grantee Leadership Award
2007 to 2016

Awarded $25,000 annually over a 10-year period to a current Trust grantee displaying exemplary leadership in the communities it serves. Learn more.

Bighorn Leadership Development Program (Colorado State University)
2008 to 2010

Provided leadership development training for Coloradans to better enable them to advocate for an improved health care system and implement policies that expand access to health.

Business Health Forum & Mountain States Employers Council
2008 to 2009

Educated the business community about health care issues and engaged business leaders in seeking solutions on how to expand and improve access to health.

Colorado Area Health Education Centers (University of Colorado Foundation)
2008 to 2011

Supported consumer training in advocacy through five regional AHEC centers statewide focusing on policy changes to expand access to health.

Colorado Center on Law & Policy

Given the various options to expand health coverage—whether through an individual mandate requiring everyone to purchase health insurance or any plan to expand coverage through low-cost insurance products—the Colorado Center on Law & Policy conducted an affordability study to help policymakers, health advocates and consumers understand the factors that influence Coloradans' ability to pay for health coverage.

Colorado Children's Campaign
2008 to 2011

Supported the Colorado Children's Campaign in developing a health cost model and advocating for fiscal and policy changes to improve the health care system through "Looking Forward," a collaborative project with the Bell Policy Center and Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute, as well as other funders and nonprofit advocacy organizations.

Colorado Consumer Health Initiative
2008 to 2011

Supported the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative's work to increase awareness and educate health consumers statewide about barriers to health access, and strengthen advocacy efforts for policy changes to increase access to health care.