Search our online database to find details on beneficiaries of major grants, funding strategies and more, dating back to 1992, or download the database here. A few select grant types, such as sponsorships, are not included here; complete grant listings are available in our federal tax returns. While we continue to translate all of these entries into Spanish, please note that some of this information is currently available only in English.Showing 10 of 536 results
Neighbor to Neighbor
2020 to 2021

Support for the establishment of a rent payment assistance fund for residents of Lago Vista Mobile Home Park near Loveland, Colo.

Los Pobres, Inc.

General operating support for the organization.

First Southwest Community Fund
2020 to 2021

Support for financial relief for small businesses and nonprofits in the San Luis Valley. (COVID-19 response grant)

South-Central Colorado Seniors, Inc.
2020 to 2021

Support to provide food boxes to persons with disabilities and older adults throughout six counties of the San Luis Valley. (COVID-19 response grant)

Kids First Health Care
2020 to 2021

Supporting the fundraising strategy as part of the organization's capital campaign in Commerce City.

El Centro Humanitario Para Los Trabajadores
2020 to 2021

Support to serve as fiscal sponsor for La Piñata Del Aprendizaje to hold an education series for a group of high-need families in the Denver neighborhood of Montbello. Per the Montbello Resident Team, the Community Partnerships team in Montbello.

Immigrant & Refugee Center of Northern Colorado (Right to Read Weld County)
2020 to 2021

Support for the organization's Immigrant Relief Fund, providing direct cash assistance to help immigrants with rent, utility, health care and internet access expenses. (COVID-19 response grant)

Chaffee County Community Foundation
2020 to 2021

Support for an emergency cash assistance fund serving individuals and families traditionally unable to access government or other assistance programs, specifically those living in the county without legal status and/or those living in poverty. (COVID-19 response grant)

Full Circle of Lake County, Inc.
2020 to 2021

Support for direct financial assistance, primarily to immigrant families in Lake County who have experienced pandemic-related job loss and/or barriers to government assistance. (COVID-19 response grant)

Latino Community Foundation of Colorado
2020 to 2021

Support for Voces Unidas de las Montañas (with the foundation as fiscal sponsor) to connect Latinx people from Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin counties to emergency rent, utilities and food aid. (COVID-19 response grant)