2000 to 2006

The goal was to develop and support after-school programming strategies that capitalize on the strengths of young people, families and communities. The initiative provided funding, training and tailored technical assistance services to 34 grantee after-school programs across the state. In each program, emphasis was placed on three main goals: positive youth development strategies, cultural competency development (for both staff and program activities) and partnerships designed to foster stronger adult and youth engagement, as well as support for the program. The initiative, in part, also led to the development of the Colorado AfterSchool Network, a statewide network that provides ongoing support for after-school programs.

1999 to 2008

The Colorado Trust began to support nurse-home visitation to high-risk, first-time mothers and their children in 1993. The Trust first provided funding for the research and development of the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), formerly known as the Nurse Home Visitor Program.

1998 to 2008

Improving the quality of early childhood learning experiences. Qualistar works to offer all Colorado children quality early childhood learning experiences.