2008 to 2012

Using innovative, community-based, multi-ethnic outreach strategies, 19 grantees worked to identify and enroll eligible but uninsured children and youth in Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+). Grantees represented county-coordinated collaborations; after-school programs; clinics; agencies serving low-income families, homeless families and abused children; a school district; and an affordable housing provider.

Several grantees also participated in a Trust-funded evaluation conducted by the University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center to assess program effectiveness and identify models for replication. Available for download are the full evaluation report and a summary of evaluation highlights. Evaluation contact: nancy [at] coloradotrust.org (Nancy Baughman Csuti), Director of Research, Evaluation & Strategic Learning, 303-837-1200.

Several other publications document this multi-year effort, including:

GRANT AMOUNT: $3.3 million