Community Leaders<br>in Health Equity
2018 to 2022

The Colorado Trust has come to realize there is an untapped potential in Colorado communities to address the most difficult health equity issues. This is why we created Community Leaders in Health Equity (CLHE), an intensive, 18-month education and leadership training program and curriculum.

CLHE includes multi-day convenings, workshops, ongoing project work and more—all with a goal of training participants to gain the self-efficacy needed to become leaders within their communities, and ultimately take action to promote health equity. The program and curriculum are designed and implemented by Transformative Alliances, a Denver-based anti-oppression consulting firm. The video below, created by Transformative Alliances, provides more details on the program and its components:


This marks the second iteration of the CLHE program; for participants from the first CLHE iteration, there is a continuing track underway thru 2021. Click here to read and learn more about the 2018-19 CLHE program and participants.


GRANT AMOUNT: $1,922,360