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Colorado State University Foundation

Supported the CSU Western Colorado Research Center's Community Alliance for Education and Hunger Relief Project.

The Heart of Immigration Project

Supported an internship through Hoop Institute to create a website to represent the voices of immigrants in the East Colfax neighborhood of Denver and Aurora.

Colorado Immigrant Resources Center
2017 to 2018

Supported a community needs assessment among African, Asian, and Middle East refugee and immigrant communities that addresses health, housing, education and employment issues; and HIV/AIDS education and prevention within these communities.

Fort Collins Community Action Network

For immigrant families in the Fort Collins area, supported the creation and distribution of 800 emergency preparedness packets that provide information about immigrant rights and the deportation process.

Crowley Foundation

Supported the Crowley Foundation, which supports the leadership and development of young men and boys of color. The foundation is particularly concerned with expanding economic opportunities and career trajectories for the young men and boys they serve.

Colorado Nonprofit Development Center

Via the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center, supported Big Timbers Community Alliance's expansion of the Family Leadership Training Institute program in Prowers County, Colo. to include Spanish-speaking community members. The Family Leadership Training Institute builds strong leadership and civic engagement skills.

Manzanola Rural Fire Protection District

Supported equipment purchases and upgrades to benefit the Manzanola Rural Fire Protection District.

Manazola School District 3J

Supported the installation of a water filtration vending system at the school, as well as the provision of free monthly water to Manazola residents.