Health Coverage

An estimated 800,000 Coloradans (17%) are without health insurance, and nearly 180,000 children (14%) lack health insurance. Many more people cannot afford adequate coverage for themselves and their families – 871,000 Coloradans under the age of 65 with insurance spent more than 10% of their pre-tax income on health care this past year, meaning they are underinsured. Additionally, more than 65,000 children are income eligible for Medicaid coverage but not enrolled, and an additional 57,000 are eligible for CHP+ but not enrolled.

To better understand how to address the problem of the uninsured and the underinsured in Colorado, and to enroll and retain children in Medicaid and CHP+ coverage, Trust grants support a number of research and evaluation projects (below). For more information, please contact Nancy Csuti, DrPH, Director of Research, Evaluation and Strategic Learning. 


Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing – Household Survey
Covering Kids and Families (Colorado Community Health Network)
Identifying Outreach and Enrollment Resources & Gaps
Innovation Network
University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center, Department of Health and Behavioral Sciences